Welcome to the Original Fettes and Old Fettesian Website

This site was set up in 1996 by a volunteer in the very early days of the World Wide Web.
For four years it provided information about the school as well as Old Fettesian activities.
In 2000 the School created their own site, this one housing the incredible and unique
Millennium Fettes Register
as well continuing to provide up to date OF News.
Now that your Webmaster has retired, Webalumnus now provides this. This "Open" site has been tries to provide a gateway to other sites, to collect archival material,
to help trace lost sheep
and other non-contraversial information.

Can you help the Archivists?
Alphabetical and Chronological Lists of "temporarilly" misplaced OFs
The School Website
The Old Fettesian "Webalumnus" site
Details of the new "Illustrated Fettes Register 1870-2012" CD
Click in the link above to see the contents of this disc. It contains the full Register arranged alphabetically with links from each name to their place in every House Photo in which they appear.
There is a Photoalbum of people & the campus from 1865 to the present day,
an illustrated Summarised History of the School, OF Newsletters from1998 and much, much more.

Since this is a growing project no attempt has been made to make it a definitive, finished product.
The current version uses the data as held at the end of August, 2012, but continues to have data updated and additions added regulularly.

For this reason the CDs are being burnt as required.
All proceeds are going to provide funds for proper housing of our excellent collection
and to the proper indexing and digitisation where possible.

In return for this disc, all we ask is for a small donation to this fund.
Contact the OF Office at for further information